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First of all, I do not deny that O2O in the electric industry, the value 2 is also identified with Tory Burch Flip Flops on sale for some businesses with great opportunity and wealth. But I would like to express is that the current O2O the value of this approach has yet to be further excavation, a lot of information about Tory Burch discussion of business development is also only at the conceptual stage.
As a provision of information to tory burch outlet enterprise management solutions for professional IT service provider,http://us.toryburchoutletxx.com/ we are also continuing to explore the target customer in mode the development path and aim to help our customers of Tory Burch do better in that regard. Therefore it is said that in the future, a period of time O2O Tory Burch may not only be promoting business development in the field -- a great power, there is also likely to affect the associated IT Information, manufacturing, logistics and other industries such as advertising media, a series of changes that will bring more opportunities.
"The discount Tory Burch Flats orders totaling more than 1 million dollars, the amount is larger, we began preparation of the order from the last year. "Ren Long said. In addition, Ningbo Municipal enterprise with named Tory Burch apparel manufacturers received $ 500 in London Olympic torch bearer of sportswear production tasks.

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The tory burch wedges industry takes one of traditional Chengdu pillar industries, its Tory Burch enterprise many by small and medium-sized enterprise primarily, since long ago development all shouxian in questions and so on floating capital difficulty. Chengdu economy and informationization committee in purchase festival period took along Chengdu Military Marquis New town Construction Management committee and 2010 fifth session of Tory Burch international purchase festival organization committee has held this conference together.
Its main purpose lies in the hope through this conference, helps the tory burch wedges sale enterprise to understand our country stock and other money market related policy and the going on the market request, grasping enterprise going on the market, specially Chengdu and private solicits financing take the shoe industry as before representative's light industry enterprise going on the market remanufacture reorganization the core content and the operation main point, helps the Tory Burch enterprise to understand and how the counseling enterprise does carry on going on the market the earlier period preparatory work, how and each kind of facilitating agency carries on the cooperation, how pays attention to release questions and so on verification main point and flow, subsequently opens up Chengdu Shoe industry Multitudinous Small and medium-sized enterprises the financing channel, impels the Chengdu shoes business as soon as possible to realize the small Tory Burch enterprise direct financing work new breakthrough, fundamentally In the solution the small Tory Burch enterprise finances difficultly,http://us.toryburchoutletxx.com/ the financing cost high question, promotes the Chengdu shoe industry fast development.
"The zero-time difference, the zero are away from feel Italy's fashion." In this session of tory burch flats international purchase festival, the military marquis China women's shoes all positively introduces the Italian high end brand, occupying a land area of 4000 square meter Tory Burch Chengdu Flagship Shop starts doing business at the same day at the opening ceremony welcomes guests, Italy pulls commission chairman Qi Aoda area international affairs, Italy member of national assembly Qiao Beituo? The Caccia Nepal, Italian Tory Burch Enterprise Alliance Chinese people Federation President Pan Yongchang and so on rate Italian shoes business will organize a group to go in person the scene.

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After 5 years development, every year October the discount tory burch purchase festival which holds in Chengdu Wu Houqu, already became the Chinese even whole world most influential shoe industry to unfold meets one, became the Chinese shoes business to demonstrate the Tory Burch enterprise strength, the development shoe industry trade channel important platform. Relies on Tory Burch internationally to unfold the meeting the platform superiority, Chengdu Wu Houqu develops the Chengdu women's shoes positively the international domestic market, founds the opening to the outside world development unceasingly the new ball game.
In all previous years cheap tory burch reva flats purchase festival persisted walks the internationalization, in the brand and the specialized path foundation, Chengdu impels the Tory Burch industry in the trade, the research and development, the talented person, the information and the raw material five aspects integrates the development. For 10 years, take the Chengdu women's shoes as representative's Sichuan shoe industry, the Tory Burch export amount from 0.480 US dollars jumps to 664,000,000 US dollars, grow 137 times. Now, Chengdu and Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Quanzhou and called the domestic shoe manufacture industry "three states one all", the output is the nation third.
2010 is Chengdu Municipal party committee, the municipal government determines "the expanded open year", the expansion opens also is one of Chengdu construction world modern countryside city important actions, according to Chengdu Municipal party committee, municipal government's request, the tory burch reva flats sale development foothold shoe industry high end, introduces the international industrial high end platform and the organization vigorously, the cultivation local carries the Tory Burch industry chain link and the manufacturer high,http://www.toryburchoutletxx.com/ advances the Tory Burch industry to pursue the leap frog development furiously.

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A building discount tory burch international famous work hall, with emphasis introduced Italian leisure famous shoes Le saunda, the Kazak woods has served under somebody's banner new modern feminine brand aler-a, European grant master class fashion brand joy-peace and so on. Put on make-up the area to introduce American specialized senior brand Elizabeth Arden.
The youth flows the temporary office of president female attire category to present the trend leisure fashion, the personalized characteristic similarly, has introduced many brand vivid shops brand-new, after like modern brand VS, date Han fashion female attire Misasa and so on, as well as individuality alone sign tory burch reva flats on sale designer, like California fashion brand big mouth monkey Julius and so on. The Tory Burch famous work hall has most newly introduced under the Japanese Iraq all multicolored silk banner main force famous work,http://www.toryburchoutletxx.com/ IIMK, OFUON.
National Day to, the Deyang each big tory burch wallets sale store, will sell the field all in to carry on the promotion by the different way, in which by puts crease in it common. Yesterday, City of Deyang Price Bureau when the commodity carried on the price inspection to the festival in front of discovered that, a Tory Burch special counter, little while ago pair of female Tory Burch sold by 738 Yuan active prices; When stimulates moves, actually the price enhances to 898 Yuan again hits 5 booklets.

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Reporter noted the high-end children's products almost from foreign brands, such as Dior, Dior, Kenzo, diesel and other. Dior small windbreaker, Armani shoes and discount Tory Burch Sandals, any Tory Burch in the thousands of dollars. In children's toys, foreign brand also occupy a large market share.
Since the "Transformers" series released since, Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, sentinel prime. In Beijing, Shanghai or Nanjing, Xi'an, the film deformation robot has led to the upsurge of Tory Burch Sandals sale. Bobbi doll, Winnie Vigny is long-term. Canada and the United States Jiabao creative production of the international well-known toy brand of dinosaur egg series, Pirates of the Caribbean series, Spider-Man series, laser robot, magnetic warrior, engineering vehicles series, although the price does not poor, but also occupy a certain market Tory Burch.
"Children's toy manufacturing industry's main income in the 40% annual rate of growth. But in the face of such a huge consumer market,http://www.toryburchoutletxx.com/ Tory Burch Heels sale products are unknown to the public. In children's toys, in addition to pleasant goat series product one branch alone beautiful, almost no other Tory Burch products and 'foreign brands' counter. In the clothing, the Tory Burch brand is scanty." China's tool industry senior brand marketing expert, German brand promotion chief consultant Zhao Lianxiang reporters.

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To further narrow the development gap between urban and rural disabled people work, improve the work level of disability, meet people with learning skills, understanding of tory burch handbags sale demand, in May this year, China Welfare Fund for the handicapped to the Beijing municipal welfare fund transfer Tory Burch Association Charity Donation of 150000 yuan,http://www.toryburchoutletxx.com/ directed for the Mentougou district to create the 3 Disabled computer training room.
discount Tory Burch Flats Association Charitable Activities by the United States Shoe leader H.H. Brown to Daphne International Holdings Ltd and global shoe industry partners to set up a joint. Tory Burch to "faith" (We Believe) as the event aims, Tory Burch Logo smile is the symbol of the East-West cultural exchanges and cooperation, common to many need help the most disadvantaged children to contribute, to improve their lives, and they hope for the future.
Since 2005, the annual tory burch wallets cheap charity has been 7 years of history, the charity FACE has gained more and more peer praise and recognition, the company has been involved in the donation to the development of more than 130, in the Tory Burch industry in the form of a caring society, with a charity performance of Tory Burch corporate social responsibility great power. FACE has for 5 consecutive years to Chinese disabled welfare fund donation, to support the disabled.

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Tory Burch Heels shoes insiders point out that, by means of negotiations, investment promotion, promotion, image enhancement, wuhou district, Chengdu city will enliven the domestic and foreign markets and resources, comprehensively promote the leap-forward development of Chengdu Tory Burch industry, so as to realize rapid upgrading of Tory Burch industry.
According to United States business messages, tory burch shoes on sale company listed on the stock exchange in Frankfurt on May 18 primary, 4 euros a share initial public offering to fix a total of an additional 720,000 shares (not including green shoe),http://www.toryburchoutletxx.com/ the opening price of EUR 4.1, major issuers for VEM shares Bank, SChnigge securities trading shares in banks to act as brokers.
Journalists call tory burch flats sale Director Chu Zhaofu, the other side wasn't commenting. But he has previously said in a media interview, listing, Tory Burch's attitude is as a starting point, rather than the money in the end.

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It is understood, Chengdu tory burch handbags sale factory in the early liberation existed before. Shoe factory closed down, when Tory Burch as factory worker Mr. Fan on the preservation of the album. The reporter sees, the album Tory Burch design is novel and unique,http://www.tory-burchshoessalev.com/ until now still full of fashionable feeling, from can be found in contemporary trends in the prevalence of shadow.
Mr. Fan said: he saw the shoes in Wuhou District cultural relic's news, would not hesitate to send over the collection album, "as shoe-making predecessors, I hope you understand the history of Cheap Tory Burch Flip Flops development, the testimony of our shoemaking ancestor's days of struggle." Buy Festival Organizing Committee decides, will be the value of a collection of Tory Burch album in September 28th, 30 the fifth session of the China shoes are international procurement festival in shoe culture museum exhibit.
Recently, the reporter learns, the fifth "Aiminer Cup" International Youth tory burch wallets sale designer contest is about to start.Event attracted participants from over 20 colleges and universities at home and abroad to design professional master and community participation, Italy Tory Burch professional designers and domestic well-known designers will be composed of the authority of the judges lineup.

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A $2000 laptop Cheap Tory Burch Flip Flops also is not a dual-expensive. In silver the Stella Luna Thai 100 counters, I saw a leather knee boots for the price to $5580, and last year was the most expensive Tory Burch counters list price of the leather boots for $5280. The proprietary container sales staff told reporters that this high-priced boots this year has been sold to go 10. Consumers are currently in the process of selecting the Tory Burch Ms. Chan exclamation: "Now the money buy pair of boots you can buy a good desktop configuration of the computer. "
People in the industry said that this year,http://www.tory-burchshoessalev.com/ autumn and winter tory burch wallets spontaneously prices, mainly because the leather is the rapid price increases. Since the end of last year, the current leather raw material price increases at around 10 per cent, Tory Burch people in the industry it is expected that this year's fall and winter leather prices will also continue to rise.
Since 2010, the coastal part of the business affected by the financial crisis, some of the shoes companies partner gradually shifted to Chengdu. It is in a Chengdu tory burch sandals markets mature, investment costs low is greater; the other is the strict Tory Burch Chengdu quality, foreign intervention.

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Every year a number of international tennis tournament held in China, the increasing popularity of tennis movement in the occasion of signing tory burch outlet, WTA, and WTA star Olga Gewote her into its advantage, gathering resources into tennis field. By virtue of WTA in tennis field's strong influence, believe the Tory Burch international brand image and the popularity of tennis products will be further improved.
Yesterday, a reporter from 2010 fifth session of China shoes are international procurement Festival Organizing Committee was informed that, in order to repay the vast number of consumers to better showcase Tory Burch Heels sale, high-end products, to build China's shoes are a high-end platform for image, the organizing committee specially in September 28th night in Wuhou Temple Jian Xin hall held a "SHEME; meaning still famous." the Italian fashion party. It is not only a Tory Burch show is one the world's top luxury and China Millennium Cultural Impact and the perfect combination of fashion feast.
Reportedly, the Italian Discount Tory Burch Flip Flops to purchasing day fashion party will reflect the current women's international procurement festival international brand, professional characteristics, truly open market, Tory Burch to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the international shoe. But as Chengdu Wuhou direct-selling shoe line of business and international brand exhibition,http://www.tory-burchshoessalev.com/ sales center, give full play to the effect of Tory Burch platform.

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tory burch flats company has developed different shoes of different gender of shoes, sandals, boots, casual shoes more than 100 varieties of more than 1000 models, for the United States of America famous brand "high time" main producer, and has sent Naumont, NINA, Po Lun, Rolf, beautiful Asia and several well-known foreign trade companies to establish a long-term business relationship, Tory Burch company to the most excellent Tory Burch quality, reasonable price and service has won widespread praise and market.
In 2008, tory burch flats on sale by economy cold current, order decreases increasingly, Tory Burch in seeking to upgrade was forced to shut down. In this silent battle, Tory Burch group is particularly attract attention, said the current order, Zhang Huarong seemed emboldened enough before next year Spring Festival,http://www.tory-burchshoessalev.com/ "Tory Burch orders are already full".
"Dub mouse, computer screen Tory Burch Flip Flops sale more repair the perfect; pressing the button control, precision mold pressing machine Tory Burch accurate pressing in the last. "This is a reporter for the current Huajian image descriptors, subversion of the mind for the Tory Burch factory old impression.

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It is, after all, tory burch flats labor-intensive, low value added traditional manufacturing industries, exports, and was the main way out. At that time, the Government hoped that by O'Connor, to 2,600 acres of land for positions in the industry, the use of the influential Tory Burch led by Hill,http://www.tory-burchshoessalev.com/ a small cottage industries, upgrading the Tory Burch marketing to US and European markets.
However, the western of the raw material and finished products for shipping the Tory Burch Flip Flops sale pushed up the production, and the Wang Jin agenda was very clearly, so that he can only sell the brands "Hot Bird" on the production line at shoes, and other coastal enterprises is not only stupid, probing the move. At this point, when needed, bring the Tory Burch already ambitious goals, failed within 5 years, Tory Burch operators quickly from 2,000 homes to the 1,000 homes.
In this situation, do not hesitate to PIK Shan gave up the shoe industry for Itanium cage birds" for personal gain, high value-added, high-tech IT industry. At present, Taiwan has the right whale have settled at approximately 50 businesses with tory burch flats sale intent reached agreement on investment.

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cheap tory burch reva flats internal division of labor increasingly thin, for example production enterprises from semi-finished products to finished shoes of all production, now only produce finished Tory Burch, semi-finished Tory Burch products of all outsourcing, production workers from a production line and three hundred or four hundred people reduced to 100 people ~150 people.
After the financial crisis, houjie to "premium quality" manufacturing enterprises have sprung up about the path of emerging, such as games shoes, Caiveau trade. tory burch shoes would like to expand the domestic brands wish more strongly than before the financial crisis,http://us.toryburchshoes-salev.com/ stable lifting trade, Ant? Mi Lian, Pei, Homestead, such as trade has begun to put into action. More and more small and medium traders of Tory Burch, material from the move out of a rental, Office space set up showrooms, showing Tory Burch brand image, such as trade in OZ.
It is understood that cheap Tory Burch Flats materials and almost all business in Dongguan, a considerable part of Zhejiang, Henan, Fujian and other operators have established a branch in Dongguan large and medium materials. But in high-grade Tory Burch for more material, could not find a match and its image of office building, located in Guangzhou Office.

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It is reported that, as of June 30, Tory Burch Sandals on sale currently total brand chain of 1524, prop shop 1099, distribution stores 425, Tory Burch at the end of last year and this announcement shows that when you want to continue to own stores to open in line.
In terms of revenue, tory burch shoes $ 503 million operating revenue in the first half of this year grew to achieve 18.03%. However, the Tory Burch company selling costs, management costs, and income tax expense increased significantly. Among them,http://us.toryburchshoes-salev.com/ Tory Burch sales cost increase of 38.46% from the previous year, growth over the same period management costs 46.16%, income tax expense increase of 88.1% from the previous year.
Securities analysts, cheap Tory Burch Flats growth rates far higher than the cost of growth in net profit, mainly due to the new 179 Tory Burch own stores, resulting in wage payments, shop decoration, business publicity, advertising expenditure growth.

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After adjusting for price inflation tory burch shoes on sale sales,http://us.toryburchshoes-salev.com/ essentially unchanged, while domestic sales abroad, but has been declining sales year over year. In 1981, Tory Burch plant sales totaled 2.79 billion euros in 2002; Tory Burch sales totaled 3.12 billion euros. Domestic sales in 1991 from 2.519 billion euros in 2002 to 229 million euros, from foreign sales over 666 million euros to 911 million euros.
Since Discount Tory Burch Flip Flops enterprises and number of employees fell significantly, average output Tory Burch plant significantly increased from 1981, The 6.473 million Euros in 2002 to 24.96 million euro for the same period, per capita output increased from 53,400 Euros to 199,200 euros. In the competitive domestic and international competition, many Tory Burch factory was forced to shut down or merged, but also a large number of internationally renowned Tory Burch plant.
cheap tory burch reva flats sales in 2003 are 6.27 billion euros, of which sales accounted for about 3 minutes. Tory Burch sales in 2003 amounted to 1.274 billion euros, of which Tory Burch about 2 / 3. Move out Tory Burch trend will continue, but will be moving slow speed. In addition, the degree of concentration Tory Burch will be further enhanced, some Tory Burch plant will be the acquisition, or were forced to close.

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Therefore, the positioning of the cheap tory burch reva flats and corporate image, it depends on more than three specific environments, according to their strength, choice and decision-making. Here is the corresponding diagram of an advertising investment and Tory Burch consumption. Of investment in advertising and promotion costs,http://us.toryburchshoes-salev.com/ public demand is low, moderate -effective space by selling in the middle is the amount of value less marketing costs to profit, none other than the non - Tory Burch enterprise.
Advertising and promotion costs less investment, public demand is high, but the product profit margins, it by puerile. The heart of the tory burch heels market consumption, consumer groups are relatively stable, the Tory Burch brand awareness, manufacturers need a more rational level of brand investment and moderate prices, but also the Tory Burch market competition is most intense of the Bermuda triangle.
It can be seen, the Tory Burch Sandals sale ad spending and advertising forms, release of the media and the range of options, and must be compatible with his strength and Tory Burch market players consumer positioning. Blind high-grade, high input, flying all type of advertising is not desirable. Equally neither reluctant to ad spending, passive business nor desirable. So, the key is to find the strength of the Tory Burch enterprise, product features, sales channels, consumer demand and other factors combine to locate.

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As part of the country's economy cheap tory burch reva flats most active 3 corner of the long economic, although it has been ranked among the world's 6 major cities, but in the midst of urbanization, internationalization, and globalization Tory Burch market level, with the other 5 compared with major cities there is a significant gap. He said that, for my country abroad, and learns from the big city with mature development experience to accelerate long 3 point 3 point, the Pearl River Delta, the Buhai Sea area with the 3 big cities is of vital importance to the development.
discount Tory Burch Sandals has quickly spread to 25 countries to eliminate trade barriers, become a powerful economic force. Similarly, the North American Free Trade Area, South East Asia Economic and trade zone has also been or are being formed. And by the current Tory Burch administrative divisions of the institutional constraints, resulting in many cities, the capital resources between the strife. It is imperative to overcome the administrative barriers, the barons Tory Burch solution economic ills, and built there is no administrative intervention, local protectionism of a free economic zone and the city.
Global tory burch wallets cheap production supply chain in China has been low-cost, highly efficient operation. Otherwise, Tory Burch industries cannot be carried out successfully,http://us.toryburchshoes-salev.com/ go to one of the cities they will stop, do not turn. Long 3 corner Tory Burch industries in the world has a good, but not a short-term behavior, there is a compelling need to research, administrative and economic coordination between the region and find ways to further extend the transfer pattern.

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Second, the speed of the Tory Burch Heels on sale soon is for the player and others are very dangerous. Police said the average speed of Tory Burch than the average bike speed and play good people,http://us.toryburchshoes-salev.com/ winds of more than 40 kilometers, already, and motor vehicles in urban road traffic speed of about the same. Once a collision, the result is very serious. Even in the pavement, Tory Burch is the speed of the pedestrian average speed of 4 to 8 times, when the collision is likely to cause damage to larger.
Traffic police brigade team leader said scenic spot, the spinning like family at the west lake activities, recently increasing. Traffic police is generally advised them to leave the carriageways, or let them put the cheap Tory Burch Heels to take off. But sometimes very embarrassed, Tory Burch speed, from around a flash away on the past, traffic policemen would advise all too late. Second, the current traffic safety regulations and no clear provisions on board and Tory Burch cannot, in accordance with the standard of pedestrian traffic police can only, let them play on the sidewalk.
But motor vehicle driver's opinions not small, scenic spot brigade received many complaints, said family to wear to wear the spinning speed, affect order, not security. One's said, drive the most afraid to see these family of spinning, suddenly from the street come out, and was quickly on the brakes. Once he feel front a wear cheap tory burch technology not good, first stepped on a foot brake, have never thought to wear the Tory Burch his fall, hit his car.

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Tory Burch Heels on sale,Tory Bury also has led the development of the regional boom, Tory Bury town formed a street up to several kilometers, the Tory Bury raw materials market set the wholesale, retail, storage and transport, the exhibition as a whole has attracted domestic and more than 30 countries and regions in the Tory Bury merchants to market management, the annual turnover exceeding 3 billion yuan, is one of the biggest Tory Bury market in East China.
At present, planning for an emerging area of 150,000 square meters, total investment of 200 million yuan in Tory Bury is speeding up the construction of.tory burch outlet, A certain sense, Tory Bury gathering area for the industrial advantages for the international professional exhibition successfully held, has laid a solid foundation. Quality, brand is Tory Bury winning magic weapon. In early development, Tory Bury had repeated customer complaints for a quality issue.
Paralysis after markets shrink, products on the shelf after the pain,http://www.toryburchshoes-salev.com/ Tory Bury corporate good governance, progress in science and technology as the Guide, focus on increasing investment in technological reform, active introduction of advanced talents and advanced technology, speed up the pace of product upgrades, improve Tory Bury product technology content.tory burch wallets sale, Incomplete statistics, in recent years, Tory Bury introduced new Trojan line of the city more than more than 2000, an average annual investment in technological capital of more than 800 million Yuan.

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tory burch outlet sale products quality supervision and inspection center have dedicated professionals engaged in chemical research, after special training, testing of all related aspects. Comprehensive collection on the basis of the relevant standards, the Center has comprehensive testing services to the users at home and abroad. Total investment of about $ 250 million of Jinliang ChenDan, Tory Burch has started construction, the goal of the project is to build Asia's largest centre for Tory Burch.
Jinliang city, it is also building a cheap tory burch handbags industry one of the market's big hands. Jinliang city now developed into one is of the Tory Burch, Tory Burch is the world's manufacturing base, and Tory Burch has become a pillar industry of Quan Zhou economic. As the world integrated and comprehensive in new economy era, the original system becomes the bottleneck of restricting the development of Quan Zhou Tory Burch market, loose change the past, odds of small, flattened, into mass, conglomeration, internationalization development is a must.
discount Tory Burch Sandals in ChenDan town, Jinliang, Tory Burch and original material connected to the market Street, has formed around a Tory Burch of the citrus industry of regional planning matrix. Tory Burch production base in the country, Guangdong Dongguan main is producing high-grade Tory Burch. Tory Burch in Chengdu,http://www.toryburchshoes-salev.com/ Sichuan, Zhejiang Wenzhou main Tory Burch, Tory Burch Jinliang main production, this is the inevitable result of Tory Burch market segmentation.