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24. září 2013 v 3:25 | aeautiful
Before class, I finally under thick skinned, decided to side Lingling apology. I whispered to her: I apologize, I was wrong that day, still does not work ? In my memory, this seems to be the first time I apologize to others. Fang Lingling listen to me apologized to her, relinquish, restored joking. Really strange to say, all sophomore, the school actually think of it let cheap uggs military training ! I heard that to training a week. Placed great moments do not learn, but every day go goose ? And cheap ugg boots uk yet instructors who happens to see me go goose posture black eye, actually I moved to individual training.
Wang know that ugg boots sale uk is called chess king, let cheap ugg boots uk in the classroom door waiting to pick him chess, to experience the cheap ugg boots uk a. Wang left, but left the teacher walked over carrying two thermos bottle, let cheap ugg boots uk play hot water. cheap ugg boots uk Quickly decline, and the king said to the teacher chess. cheap ugg boots uk Left deliberately evade the teacher may think, forced upon the cheap ugg boots uk. He left, holding a chess king teacher came. cheap ugg boots uk Left holding the pot to the teacher let cheap ugg boots uk kick things one says Wang shook his head and said : Let's first chess. cheap ugg boots uk Not, had to thermos bottle on the table, and he began to move to.
Then, all of a sudden the door opened, Yan Xu sweet ran in, see Wang in the house, it 's screaming. Wang is there a chess by cheap ugg boots uk siege, came to see her unhappy authentic: do you come in ? The Yan Xu sweet Hude turned and ran out. cheap ugg boots uk Quickly stopped her and said: help, would you please give these two thermos bottle marked with boiling water left teacher. Yan Xu sweet saw cheap ugg boots uk a, pursed mouth Enliaoyisheng, nodding fiber shoulder, shilly- waspish, or the thermos received in the past. cheap ugg boots uk Back side of the board, the heart goes into account, pick yourself up and down in one fell swoop Wang was defeated.

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