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8. října 2013 v 3:49 | aeautiful
Guhuai Ming waved the waiter urged to bring the bill,ugg boots sale, readily extracted from the toothpick toothpick in his mouth. Or leave a good quick checkout, this jealousy thing crammed into his body, it is a fool would do. Finished off, pulling his face is not happy Shen Qian stone, followed Guhuai Ming. One after the other, out of the restaurant. Just left the restaurant door, Guhuai Ming sharp-eyed, he saw a taxi parked down the street four or five people, rushed to the restaurant swiftly, the hands are speaking with sticks.
Guhuai Ming looked come closer, mouth leak a hint of sneer, and my heart is very disdain. Came really fast. Minded man can not do so with the cheap ugg boots mm dead, and foolish ! Guhuai Ming Shi Qian shy heard under light ' bah ' sound, look at the TV drama full flush Qiaolian, heart not a swing. Men are thinking with the lower body ' animal ' This sentence is really true. 10 men and nine colors, a non- color, stay too ! Unfortunately, cheap uggs is Shi Tian sister. Brotherhood I still want to say.
cheap uggs Know you will not your friends. cheap uggs Brother finds a friend who is a lifetime friend. Do not let cheap uggs brother down Oh ! Shi Qian on Guhuai Ming shook his hand sideways into the bedroom, closed the door backhand, do not forget the door locked. Soon, the bedroom is also faintly heard singing stone Qian met satyr, cheap uggs afraid afraid of you... Guhuai Ming Shi Qian looked into the bedroom, turned and sat down on the sofa. Pulled a cigarette from a cigarette, just on the point. Shi Qian heard that his mouth full of ' allure ' singing.