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5. prosince 2013 v 2:20 | aeautiful
LSC Ziya a fun. Then the two men opened the door. Police quickly stepped forward to next. They wear Kaozai should give. Yang smiled, raising his hand. wholesale ugg boots Is to be adjusted with taking note of. Not a suspect. Do not come. The fat cop is led by Yu Wei. Just leaders clearly explain discount ugg boots. The two of you is hit to the perpetrators. Still here sophistry. discount ugg boots Brute force is not wanted in ? From the waist belt off his electric batons pressing the switch. Pops sent shock sound. Said his hands stretched out.
LSC there is also much to pay bracelet. Next up shoving a handful. Young laughing and LSC go inside leg followed. Public Security Bureau,ugg boots pink, a total of five buildings which are second and third floors Bureau and logistics departments. On the first floor is the brigade. The fourth floor is the police brigade. Fifth floor conference room, and some small sections. Young laughing now is to go to a law and order brigade. Followed by a fat cop Wei from time to time inon the back. Let two brisk walking. Into the law and order brigade office. Yu Wei pointed to the individual. The body of the stuff you've got.
discount ugg boots,Now that you have made ​​up his master. Young laughing naturally say anything. Reach the wallet in his pocket to dig out the phone. Pulled off the machine on the table. Steel side also put the car keys on the table. An brigade most people do not lack is off places. Came to an interrogation room. Yu Wei opened the door. They do not take a look at Yang. The room dark. Did not even have windows. It seems this is a special place interrogation room. It did not even have lights. Young laughing out loud protest. Light will soon have ha ha ha ha !

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