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21. prosince 2013 v 2:12 | aeautiful
Ning Li Ling hold Crane faces this time, with these sword, really like devil -line method, the Shura Bing anger. Big groom close your eyes, do not look at wholesale ugg boots, comic few boxing out, in the body are woven into a tough week telepresence force, the crane will be separated Ling hold. Ling getting hold fast Crane stature stature gradually blurred, surrounded by large groom live Jici. But the groom really sharp Zhang Feng, Ling hold the crane even changed several martial arts, but it still does not go attack. It grew dark, although you do not see the sun, but also wanted to be dusk.
Crashing rang, the Jian Qi Zhang Li abruptly hit one. Ling holds less skill crane Johnson, missiles out. ugg boots pink Mad laughter heard, and rolled up a light buildings, suddenly hit. Under phase two, but also a cry earthquake, Ling hold the crane on injuries, both under the slam, infuriating shake violently, but where able to withstand ? A blood spray, missiles farther. See discount ugg boots unsteadily on his feet, hey sneer a few times, transported from strong Jian Qi, slanting to groom big hit in the past. Big groom frowned, discount ugg boots do not understand why this and other desperately, seeing discount ugg boots oncoming crooked, readily emit beat the discount ugg boots played backwards back.
The discount ugg boots injured already very heavy, but still struggling to move forward to the big kill to groom. Big groom hearts disliked, I do not know discount ugg boots Why must hard, distant hair palm, once again discount ugg boots burst open. Ling hold the crane fell to the ground, a long long time, just to climb up. But discount ugg boots Once climbs, they rushed toward the big groom. At this point only the internal forces Ling hold large crane lost, staggered for a long time, but still could not step by step. Big groom looked coldly discount ugg boots palms raised, but not know if I should hit. Tuting soon Jiao : discount ugg boots Do not hurt my sister !

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