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10. prosince 2013 v 2:27 | aeautiful
17 greenhouses in the large field north of the village and soon built up. Aug. built shed, October sowing, fresh cucumber on the end of December on the city ! The second in early May, 17 vegetable greenhouses lowest income 20,700 yuan, the highest income 3. Before the village does not have a million households, this look cropped up 17 ! The villagers envious, and heart, and have asked to build greenhouses. In the second year, the village suddenly grown to 144 greenhouses, when average household income of $ 10,000. For the greenhouse cultivation technology continues to improve and perfect in Cheap UGGs Hot Sale initiative, the village invested 1 million yuan, built a research promotion, supplies services, technological science training in one of the buildings, from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, University ofindustry other units of long-term hire experts and professors for technical guidance, and sent to Japan, the Netherlands learning the introduction of new technologies and new varieties.
1992, successfully conducted a pollution-free vegetable production test. In 1993, greenhouse peaches, grapes, apricots, turtle, spirulina development success in more than 10 million mu income. LiuFangYou hear straight nod, people NanGuang seize on this advantage, and soon formed a remarkable achievement, not easy. Skip think the status quo Ping Jiang peanut processing production, could not help but also some headaches. Young has been with laughter around LiuFangYou, see UGG Classic listen trance, Coushang whispered, full use of their advantages, magnify this advantage and take the professional road, eventually becoming a leader in the field, which is south of the light essence.
To their advantage to play to the limit, take the professional road, do the biggest and best in a particular field, summarize well, summarize well, ah ? Women UGG Classic Short Boots Black Suddenly found turned out to make this summary is that the eyes of children and teenagers Women UGG Classic Short Boots Black. The child nodded Women UGG Classic Short Boots Black red, seems to be telling myself, Women UGG Classic Short Boots Black understand their own feelings at this time, my heart an excitement, but also to respond to smile. Duan Peng Yang laugh came dawdling around, three little, this thing somehow, people can gain a lot of ah. Young laughing with Women UGG Classic Short Boots Black it cooked more, yes, ended up, Women UGG Classic Short Boots Black achievements lot ah. http://www.uggboots-nor.com/

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