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18. prosince 2013 v 8:10 | aeautiful
This is a struggle between the two men are best,pink ugg boot, to the later, the whole bench saw a round shadow enbu flowers bloom like convergence, and the sound of wind whistling sound Jian Qi aspect of the continuous, never powerful momentum to the surrounding diffuse from enbu station, several elders, looking one, each cast Mana, his disciples around protection up. Whether this is a general disciples were five elements, or elite disciples as Xia wind, Kou Bo, Sun Yun Jian et al, all is look dignified. Admiration, surprise, envy, jealousy, and other expressions forth, every heart secretly surprised, Shaw did not hurt so strong !
Green light sky,ugg boot, into the shape of the flame toward the other side enbu station rushed past. The result was rising into the sky across a large blue hands, one would crush the green flame, then a heavy hand against the big shot down enbu station. Bombers, all of the light dissipated in the invisible, which reveal the couple's stature. A congregation elders moved awe, if not this enbu station has prohibited protection, just blow it can definitely be enbu station shot to pieces. Xiao Wu Tsang months without injury and is still standing face to face, as if had never played against the same, but anyone can see, Wu Tsang is the look of high spirits, Shaw was not hurt but will be watching Wu Tsang, silent.
Wu Tsang touch of a hand : the transferee ! If Shaw brothers mercy, the outcome remains to be seen. Shaw is also the younger brother repair admire. Shaw shook his head no injury : cheap ugg boots done their best, but it is still not your opponent. If cheap ugg boots expected good, you should have a repair order Yuan Ying bar. Xiao without injury remark one, the crowd moved disciples suddenly erect, looking to Wu Tsang look full of horror. So young there Yuan Ying repair ? Even from the womb to start practicing, it would not be so strong ?

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