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19. prosince 2013 v 9:58 | aeautiful
Lung Ming look out, if you do not explain the reasons, this girl might try himself how sharp knife in hand, although pink ugg boot not afraid, but that the general feeling will be very troublesome. Thus, cheap ugg boots with rare serious expression, truthfully said: cheap ugg boots today just transferred to the academy, is preparing to report to the staff room. Girls seem to believe that the dragon sounding rhetoric, has been slow slow tight face, and said : No wonder not seen the impression that today turned out to be the new transfer student ah, almost as a suspicious person.
Since it is a transfer student, this is no way to do, ugg boot Gakuen great, inattentive, then it's easy to get lost. Right, not cheap ugg boots Luchi, but this place is too damn dragon Ming heart fiercely endorsed the girl saying. Originally the next process should be Longming ask the girl guiding, and then all of the dry matter, the problem resolved smoothly. But now, he did not such a mood. The reason is just in front of the girls from the beginning has been looked over at him, that look made ​​him feel a bit uncomfortable.
What happened to you ? Lung Ming little impatient. Girls seem totally did not care about the dragon sounding tone, and slowly went towards cheap ugg boots. Then, in the distance cheap ugg boots close and stopped, the left-handed samurai sword under his arm, stretched out her delicate little hands, Moxiang cheap ugg boots shirt. Be sure to turn down the collar, as well as to fasten buttons on the jacket, which is also part of school rules. Said while finishing the dragon Ming collar girl, this time brings an illusion, as if she is not the face of serious discipline members, but a gentle sister next door.

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